An extensive Pipeline system transports western Canadian Oil to domestic and U.S. markets. There are two major oil pipeline operators in Canada: Enbridge Pipelines and Kinder Morgan Canada (formerly Terasen).
Enbridge operates a 9,000-mile network of pipelines and terminals, delivering oil from Edmonton, Alberta, to eastern Canada and the U.S. Great Lakes region. Kinder Morgan operates the Trans Mountain Pipe Line (TMPL), which delivers oil mainly from Alberta west to refineries and terminals in the Vancouver, British Columbia area.

The expansion of Alberta’s oil sands industry has necessitated the construction of several new pipelines to transport diluted bitumen and synthetic crude to downstream facilities in the Edmonton area. In 1999, Enbridge completed construction of its 920-mile, 570,000-bbl/d Athabasca pipeline, which links Suncor’s oil sands operations to Enbridge’s terminal in Hardisty, Alberta.
Kinder Morgan operates the 280-mile, 260,000-bbl/d Corridor pipeline linking oil sands production near Muskag River to an upgrader facility at the Shell oil refinery in Scotford, Alberta. In August 2005, Kinder Morgan began preliminary engineering work on doubling the capacity of Corridor system by 2009. Both companies plan to link other oil sands projects as the come on-stream.