In 2006, Hunt Oil plans to conduct seismic research on the Sangomar-Rufisque License offshore Senegal. Analysts estimate that the license area could contain upwards of 1 billion barrels of recoverable oil. Hunt Oil is the Operator of the license with a 60 percent interest, and is joined with partners First Australian Resources (30 percent) and state-owned Societe des petroles du Senegal (Petrosen) (10 percent). In March 2005, Malaysian-based, Markmore Energy acquired a 55 percent stake in the Dome Flore Block. The block is located in a joint maritime exploration zone, which is controlled by Senegal and Guinea-Bissua and administered by the Agence de Gestion et de Cooperation (AGC). The Dome Flore Block contains an estimated 800 million barrels of heavy oil. Thirteen wells have been drilled on the block, and several have penetrated 10 - 13 API heavy oil deposits. Additionally, two wells have found much smaller deposits of 30 - 35 API light oil. Markmore Energy is joined with partners Sterling Oil (UK) (30 percent) and AGC (15 percent). Eni, as operator of the AGC-administered Cheval Marin Block, has a 48 percent interest and is joined with ExxonMobil (37 percent), Sterling Oil (10 percent) and AGC (15 percent). Seismic surveys were completed on the Cheval Marin Block in April 2002, and additional seismic surveys are being planned.