In August 2005, Canadian Natural Resources (CNR) brought their Baobab Oil field onstream, with initial production averaging 48,000 bbl/d. The field is located offshore in Block CI-40 and production on the field is expected to reach capacity of 65,000 bbl/d in 2006. Block CI-40 is estimated to contain 200 million barrels of recoverable oil reserves. CNR is Operator of the block with a 57.6 percent interest and is joined with partners Svenska Petroleum Exploration (27.4 percent), Petroci Overseas (10 percent), and Petroci Holding (5 percent). CNR is also operator of Block CI-26 and holds an interest in Block CI-400. The Espoir field, which is located in Block CI-26, had first oil come onstream in 2002. Espoirs recoverable reserves are estimated at 93 million barrels of oil and 180 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of Natural Gas. Production at the field, which has a life expectancy of 20 to 25 years, is expected to peak at 35,000 bbl/d of oil. Espoirs oil production is exported by shuttle tanker, while the natural gas is piped to shore where it is used to generate electricity. CNR announced that development of the West Espoir field began in mid-2005, with production expected to start in mid-2006. CNR holds 58.7 percent interest in Block CI-26 and is joined with partners Tullow Oil (21.3 percent) and Petrosi (20 percent). In 2003, Tullow Oil discovered oil in the Acajou prospect, also located on Block CI-26. Devon Energy Corporation operates the Lion oil field on Block CI-11, with production averaging 20,000 bbl/d of oil. Recoverable oil reserves on the block are estimated to be 210 million barrels. Devons partners on Block CI-11 include Petroci, Pluspetrol of Argentina, and the International Finance Corporation. In addition to Block CI-11, Devon holds interests (ranging from 35 percent to 80 percent) in several other blocks in CÔte dIvoire including offshore Block CI-01, which contains the Kudu, Eland and Ibex fields; Block CI-02, which contains the Gazelle field and Block CI-105. Vanco Energy Company has estimated that 2.7 billion barrels of oil is located in the San Pedro ridge and other deposits in Block CI-112 off the western coast of CÔte dIvoire. Indias Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) (21.2 percent), Oil India (10.4 percent) and Chinas Sinopec (27 percent) signed on to the CI-112 project in December 2004, reducing Vancos stake to 27 percent. This is the first African deepwater exploration venture for all three state-owned firms. In March 2005, Vanco drilled the San Pedro 1 Well on Block CI-112, but later plugged the well due to a lack of Hydrocarbons. In October 2005, Vanco signed two production sharing agreements (PSAs) with CÔte dIvoire for Blocks CI-401 and CI-101.