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Introduction of Ball Valve

Ball valve was invented in 1950s. It is also one of the fast-developed valves in recent years, especially in USA, German, Japan, France, Italy, Spain and UK where ball valves are widely used. The types and quantities of ball valve is still increasing at speed, and its engineering development starts to move towards applications of high temperature, high pressure, large port, secure sealing, longer duration, great adjustment and multiple functions. Due to dedication to research and development, the stability and capability of ball valve managed to reach the higher level of achievement, which is able to take place of gate valves, check valves and throttle valves in applications. Ball valves are widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, pipelines, food and beverage and construction.
In general, specifications, types and working pressure are always indicated when purchasing the valves. However, the information is inadequate for you to buy the suitable valves for your applications, especially in such competitive markets.
The short term outlook for oil prices at a technical traders point of view.
Trading analysis for oil traders.
The trading charts for active traders and investors.
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